About Colburns Holdings

Colburns Holdings has for 25 years been actively offering very personalised Sales/management & letting Service & has a wealth of experience in the Nairobi property markets trends & requirements.

Sharon Hays joined Colburns Holdings Ltd in 2003 and not long after registered as a professional with the Estate Agent Board of Kenya. Sharon is a Kenyan born & raised with a passion for property service & people. With all these years of dealing in property, Sharon has built up a solid network of clients. All aspects of your property will be handled by Sharon assisted by her service driven management team.

Our Services

We offer a variety of services to our clients. We have a wealth of experience in the kenyan real estate market.

We invite all prospective clients to a free consultation with our property agent, ensuring all matters relating to your property needs are fully understood. You can expect expert advise on preparing your property for market to ensure its best features shine. A marketing proposal will be put forward to ensure the maximum possible buyers are reached. Giving you the best chance of reaching your ideal sale value, we follow through the sale process to the end ensuring prompt communication from/to all parties which keeps transaction completion met in a timely manner.

Our focus is on ensuring our properties are quality rentals to the open market, all are clients are treated to personalised advice on preparing property for let to optimise their true market value. We have a wealth of experience in vetting potential tenants ensuring no false starts.

We invite our clients with rental property to take up our comprehensive property services, from the moment you request an appraisal of your property we can ensure a one stop shop for all your property needs, putting all services in order, be it ensuring good workmanship of repairs and maintenance, negotiation of landlord insurance, procuring a tenant who has similar property values to yourself ensuring long term care of your asset, assisting you get tax compliance, provide transparent accounting of your income and expenses. You name it we will cover it